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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Powell River Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please click here to email us or contact the office if you have any questions. Yours in Health, Dr. Ted Johnson


Comprehensive and Evidence-based Analysis

Dr Ted gave me the only comprehensive and detailed evidence-based analysis of my problem, despite my having seen many other medical professionals. As a result, I am confident that he will be able to help improve my situation.

~Michael M. (Dec ’21)

Wonderful People!

Ted and Henrietta are both so friendly, open listeners, and have an excellent way of communicating that makes everyone involved, feel completely informed. So far my favorite part of my appointments is getting to say hi to these wonderful people!
~Joshua L. (Nov ’20)

Very Professional and Knowledgeable

I found Dr. Ted to be very professional and knowledgeable. The report of findings was most helpful with explanations as to where specifically my problem areas are and why it is so important for me to take care of my spine. I liked the fact that My Spinal Health Assessment was completely individual and gave me insight as to what my responsibilities are as well as the chiropractic treatments I would be receiving would do to help me improve my quality of life.
~Marie R. (Jul ’20)

Pleasureably Wonderful

Dr Ted is wonderful. The darling receptionist is always a pleasure. The two work well together and I look forward to having some success with my treatments as time goes on.
~Sharlene R. (Nov ’19)

The Best of Professional Standards

Great job Dr. Ted and Staff, Your practice really exemplifies the best of professional standards and mindful customer service. The evidence-based approach you use is thorough and easy to understand because of your careful and well paced teachings. Powell River is lucky to have you!
~Jacqueline H. (Mar ’19)

Improved Quality of Life

Thank you Dr Ted and Henrietta. You have already improved the quality of our daily lives in only a few short weeks. We look forward to possible further improvements to our mobility and enjoyment of life over the course of out treatments and into the future.
~Kim and Pete M. (Sept ’18)

In Excellent Hands

Superb service, on time, and greeted with a smile. Felt so much better after my first appointment knowing Dr. Ted and his office manager Henrietta had my interests at heart at all times. I feel very confident that my spinal health is in excellent hands.
~Tony G. (Aug ’18)

I Am Confident

We are new to town so I was quite desperate to find someone to help me with sudden and debilitating shoulder pain. Dr Johnson and Henrietta made me feel extremely welcome and supported. Dr Johnson identified the source of my pain quickly and I am confident that I am on the road to recovery under his care. Not just now but in the future as well.
~Cristina J. (June ’18)

Blown Away

I was blown away by how friendly the staff was, and I love the overall ambiance of the office, it has such a peaceful and relaxing vibe, it is set up beautifully. I felt very well cared for and I look forward to every appointment I have, it is the highlight of my week!
~Nicole S. (May ’18)

Extensive Appointment

In all my years of chiropractic treatment, this has been the most extensive initial appointment I have ever experienced. I have learned more about the state of my skeletal health in 3 visits than I have ever known.
~Janine W. (Dec ’17)

I Am Very Happy

My initial and subsequent visits have provided me with increased skeletal flexibility and pain reduction. I am very happy with the chiropractic treatments I have received from Dr. T. Johnson.
~Brent H. (May ’17)

Thank You So Much

I look forward to you being part of my journey to optimal health. Thank you both so much.
~Christine D. (January ’17)

Very Friendly

I felt that every thing was handled very professional and very friendly.
~Donald M. (May 17/16)


Felt very welcome and like I has been there before. Like with anything new you feel apprehensive, but those fears are gone now.
~Richard A. (May 14/16)

Highly Impressed

I am really impressed with the positive vibe from Henrietta and Ted, I get the feeling that both are very confident with the high level of care they can provide.I appreciate the commitment I feel they have made to me to get healthier and fully expect it will happen.
~Don T. (Jan 24/16)

Healthier Overall

Never thought of having periodic chiropractic adjustments for overall health care. Dr. Ted opened my eyes to the benefits and I’m committed ’cause “I ain’t gettin’ any younger!”. Thanks so much Dr. Ted and staff, I’m so happy my sister recommended I come see you. Looking forward to years of health, including chiropractic care.
~Heather M. (May 23/15)

Best Place Ever!

Best place ever!
~Brady L. (Oct 20/15)

A Pleasure To Experience

Powell River Chiropractic is as professional, friendly and comprehensive a practice as it’s been my pleasure to experience.
~Peter R. (May 15/15)

Informative Chiropractor

Dr. Ted is the most informative chiropractor I have met in all of the years I’ve been receiving treatment, both in Ontario and British Columbia. It is quite obvious he is very dedicated to his profession. It is a pleasure to walk into the clinic and be greeted by the smiling face of Henrietta.
~Patricia H. (April 21/15)

Very Satisfied

I am very satisfied. Henrietta is a gem and Dr. Ted is very nice. Thank you for your help. ~Jackie W. (February 28/15)

Friendly And Welcoming

Dr. Ted and his staff are very friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for chiropractic care!
~Chelsea C.(December 16/14)

Highly Effective

This is the first time I have been to a chiropractor where I have had such an extensive study done on my first visit to ensure I am going to receive the proper care. During the assessment I had a rolling thermal scan, Static EMG scan, x-rays, and physical assessment for which I received a thorough analysis on my next visit including a spinal Curve & Postural Analysis, Spinal Decay report, full colour graph report on my scans and a personal report on findings in a portfolio for me to take home. I also watched brief informative videos on each visit and some adjustments to start correcting the subluxations (new term for me) in my spine. Now I feel confident that the continued care from Dr. Ted Johnson, DC will be highly effective and I know I am in “good hands”!
~Nicole G. (December 9/14)

Pleasant And Welcoming

I found both Dr. Ted and Henrietta to be very pleasant and welcoming. For a first time visit to a chiropractic office I was a little nervous about the “unknown”. From the moment I walked into the office I knew that I would be in good hands. Dr. Ted explains everything prior to treatment which definitely helps put the worry aside. I would highly recommend Powell River Chiropractic for your health care needs.
~Barbara G. (December 6/14)

Friendly Staff

Very friendly staff, a pleasure to visit.
~Ron M. (September 27/14)

Feeling A Difference

I’ve had 2 treatments so far and I already feel a difference in the way I walk and my pain levels are much lower. It’s well worth the money and time invested. I’ve had chronic pain in my back for 10 years and pretty much lost hope that it would ever improve. Through Dr. Johnson’s approach and treatments to this point, I feel a restoration of hope that not only my pain levels but my overall well being can and will improve.
~Raphael S. (September 9/14)

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