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More Testimonials for Powell River Chiropractic

Life More Comfortable!

Chiropractic has made walking, driving, sleeping, and life in general more comfortable. Receiving an adjustment is the beginning of feeling much better! I am very satisfied with the service and really rely on it.
~ Clint B.

Deepest Thanks!

I’m grateful for chiropractic and the increased mobility, balance and mental clarity I’m experiencing. My deepest thanks :-)
~ Sharon J.

Enjoying life!

Chiropractic has increased the enjoyment I get out of life. Better sleep, less pain, and decreased frequency of headaches means I have more time take part in hobbies and recreational activities that I would often put off due to pain. I have been to multiple chiropractors in my life including Dr. Johnson and so far this facility is the most professional, personable and effective. I would highly recommend Powell River Chiropractic.
~ Sabrina V.

Overall Improvement!

Since I have been scheduling regular adjustments and receiving the newsletters I am feeling great! I make healthier choices now. My asthma and sleep has improved, along with my energy level. Overall I’m feeling much better.
~ Shawn J.

Less Headaches!

Chiropractic has positively affected my life in a couple of ways. My range of motion in my neck has improved by 50%! My energy is up and headaches are less frequent.
~ Lillian J.

All Smiles!

Thanks to chiropractic I smile now. My sleep as well as many other aspects of my life has been improved.
~ Barb A.

Doing what I love to do

How has chiropractic affected my life? Positively! It helps me deal with my back problems so that I can enjoy all the things I love to do – like riding my horse and walking dogs. I’m very happy.
~ Brenda C.

Happy Wife=Happy Life!

I can do what I want when I want or need to without the worry of pain during or after. Overall wellness for me means better days and more relaxing nights :-) Happy wife = Happy life!
~ S.S.

One of the Best!

As a retired chiropractor I know the value of staying subluxation free, which is why I see Dr. Ted. Over the life of my career I’ve been adjusted by many of my colleagues and I must say Dr. Ted is one of the best!
~ Dr. David B.

More Energy and Less Pain!

Chiropractic has helped me physically, I’m more energetic and in less pain on a daily basis.
~ Rachelle

How I benefited from chiropractic care in only a few months:

  • Pain has been lessened dramatically
  • More ‘flexible’ – overall
  • Improved digestive system
  • Improved urinary system
  • ‘Metabolism’ has improved for the first time in my life. (I’ve struggled all my life with weight concerns.)
  • My body feels more whole/’together’
  • Sciatica has disappeared
  • Greatly improved sleep
  • More energy – able to do more

I’m starting to be able to go without a cane. I hope, with chiropractic care, to walk without a cane, lose weight and say ‘bye’ to me C-PAP machine.
~ Beverly M.

Feeling whole again!

A big ‘thank you’ for your excellent treatments. After my last visit I got back to curling and bowling, feeling whole again. I have told my neighbor: “I can do without my husband, but not my chiropractor.”
~ Laura D.

No More ‘Grandma Walk’!

I do most of my banking online so I haven’t been to the bank in a few months. Today I went to the bank, stood in line, walked up to the teller, did all my banking then turned and walked out the door. This may not seem like a big deal but to me it was. It has been a few years since I have had this experience. When I went to the bank I would stand in line trying to inconspicuously shift my stance to ease the discomfort and hoping I wouldn’t ‘lock up’. Many times after I was at the tellers’ wicket I would either realize I couldn’t move or would turn and get such pain I had to grab onto the counter. The wide-eyed teller would ask if I was okay, if there was anything they could do. With as much dignity as one can muster at a time like that I would smile and say, “It’s okay I’ll just stay here for a couple minutes.” I would then slowly turn and do my ‘grandma walk’ out the door I first went to see Dr. Johnson in September and continually add things to my ‘Can Do’ list. My kids are excited to have their Mom back again. Thank you Dr. Johnson.
~ Cathy E.

Ringing in ears!

The ringing on my ears has quit in my left ear and diminished in my right ear.
~ Rocky B.

Physical well-being has improved!

I have received progress from the wellness program, which I am very satisfied with. My physical well-being has improved and I plan to maintain this with regular visits and proper stretching.
~ Justin H.

Unbearable low back pain!

I sustained a lower back injury in my early 30’s from sport related activities. Eventually I had to quit all physical exercise that required moderate to strenuous use of my back as the resulting pain became unbearable. Over the next decade my doctor recommended general back exercises and after repeated visits he finally ordered x-rays of my lower back as my pain got worse with age. He discovered that I had compressed vertebrates and advised me that little could be done to correct the problem. He continued to recommend lower back exercises. While the exercises helped a little, they did not allow me to live the active lifestyle I was once used to. My general physical and mental health began to deteriorate. An active colleague of mine suggested I see a chiropractor. I was reluctant and skeptical at first, but immediately after the first few visits, I noticed a significant improvement. I began a regular exercise routine along with ongoing visits to my chiropractor. It has been over a year now and I continue to exercise and maintain and active lifestyle. I recommend to anyone with a debilitating back problem that has negatively affected their lifestyle to visit I chiropractor. He may change your life for the better.
~ Eugene W.

My right leg was so bad!

I can sleep now on both sides, my right leg was so bad I could not sleep on it, everything else is much better as well (back and neck.) I am a firm believer of chiropractic.
~ Anna D.

Horrible Back Pain!

I came in with horrible back pain and got some immediate relief. On the next visit my neck was adjusted and shoulders and chest. I now can turn my neck further than for over 5 years and my posture is improving (no more lower back pains). *Thumbs Up*
~ Ron S.

I have benefited from chiropractic care in two ways.

  1. As a dental hygienist, my daily posture is compromised. Regular adjustments have kept my chronic pain to a minimum.
  2. I have congenital hip deformity which causes pain to my side when I sleep. Through active release and orthotics, the pain is gone.

~ Lisa G.

Three day headaches!

Before chiropractic care my headaches would last three days. Now after my treatments my headaches are less frequently and now only a couple hours. Feeling great, thanks again
~Melissa H.

Hip Pain!

I first visited Dr. Johnson for hip pain which went down my leg causing me not to sit for any length of time. His treatment provided instantaneous relief but does require maintenance treatments from time to time. I am now being treated for back pain as well with the same relief felt after treatment with follow up sessions to maintain my health.
~ Doris S.

I could not do all the activities!

As I am getting on in years (79) I know I could not do all the activities I do such as bowling, gardening, house painting, and such. I also have fibromyalgia. Chiropractic also helps this affliction. I know I couldn’t keep going without my adjustments.
~ Margaret R.

Chiropractic Care has helped me!

Chiropractic care has helped me with a chronic back problems, reduced me headaches, helped to keep me walking with leg problems as well as the benefit internally which are helped when my back is properly aligned. I’ve been in chiropractic care for over fifty years- he is a very important part of my health care needs. My chiropractor is concerned about my overall health. I trust him 100%
~ Noreen S.

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